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Dozens of Owners and Landlords put their faith in R.E.M. Residential and have been richly rewarded with rental property value and vastly improved conditions in their buildings. Many Landlords think their building is too small for the expense but R.E.M. Residential’s style of property management pays for itself. Check out the benefits of services offered by our NYC property management company.

I have been serving on the Board of Directors of The 540 West 28th Street Condominium as Vice-President for more than 6 years. We are a 90+ unit high end luxury residential and commercial Condominium. REM and its expertise have generated significant savings for our operating budget (in our case by changing building security based upon their recommendation), because of their vast contact network and systematic evaluation of competitive vendors that they brought to the table. One of the most important attributes is that they are always available to us and have great  relationships with our building superintendent, and our building staff who he supervises, making the building function seamlessly. Any building that has REM as their management company is in good hands as far as I am concerned, and I can thus highly recommend them!
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Luis J Garcia Maldonado

I have worked closely with them in development of the 2021 budget and find them professional and am pleased in their diligence to develop a responsible budget for our Board. They have brought relevant experience as building managers and helpful in highlighting areas where costs cand be reduced with the understanding of risks.

I have found the team dt REM to be very accessible, eager to be helpful and enjoyable to work with.

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Noel Allen

In a city with no shortage of mediocre management companies, we beat the odds in hiring REM to manage our properties. Rick and his team are dedicated professionals who stay one stop ahead of any problems that may arise and will always have your interests at heart. They are knowledgeable and make sure to keep you informed of the latest twists and turns of city regulations. Their excellent recommendations continually save us money: repairs are performed efficiency and cost-effectively, our insurance and legal costs dropped, etc. By being responsive and available to our tenants, they reduced our turnover costs. Their excellent accounting team communicates well and provides us with clear and thorough statements. They are our trusted partner, treating our properties as if they are their own, All in all, we cannot recommend REM highly enough!

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Channa Taub

R.E.M.’s management service has received our trust and faith, as that they have always held our best financial and ethical interests at heart. They have handled matters ranging from all various rent controls & New York City regulations and ensuring daily communications on all material business matters, to providing customizable management statements. Their careful keeping of property files and records has been useful for legal challenges and financial evaluation. I probably don't say it enough but the employees R.E.M. has in the office have all been fantastic hires. Each of them has strengths for the operation and R.E.M. has given them authority and independence to perform at the highest level.

Noah Osnos

We are happy to express our utmost satisfaction with the property management services provided by R.E.M. Residential in addressing and resolving all of the various physical and tenancy issues in our New York City multi-family property portfolio, many of which have been quite complicated and challenging due to the nature of the properties. R.E.M has provided unparalleled services while maintaining and enhancing our investment’s value …… R.E.M and Eastern have developed an excellent working relationship of more than four years at this point. We have relied on their knowledge, integrity and commitment to exceptional real estate management practices. Read the Letter

Peter Hausperg

Eastern Consolidated

My company depends upon dealing with professionals and experts of the highest integrity. R.E.M. Residential understands this and has over the years been a source of information and expertise for our firm. Because of our longstanding relationship with R.E.M. Residential, they understood our investment objective and subsequently assisted us in purchasing and repositioning a portfolio of Manhattan apartment buildings.
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Morris Moinian

Fortuna Realty

I am delighted that R.E.M. has been able to grow, develop, enjoy success and be recognized for the unparalleled customer service you deliver. Your team at R.E.M. has shown me that loyalty and trust are deeply rooted in your character. Clearly, this is a strong and healthy partnership. Rick, you have so much to be proud of. The work ethic you have demonstrated from the beginning is remarkable and the reward of having happy, satisfied clients is just one proof point.
It’s a great feeling to be able to spend more time at our vacation home in Jackson Hole, to rest easy knowing that our buildings are in your capable hands!
Thank you for that.

Annette Osnos


Unlike the many managing companies that push for unnecessary so called “improvements” to boost their own bottom line, REM has never pushed. They make suggestions, educate the board, explain the pros and cons, detail the costs and benefits, and document the potential future savings. They also have worked with numerous different contractors but there is never any pressure to select one or the other or even to select any of his contacts. We just completed our local law commitment, chose the lowest bidder, the work was excellent, timely and the job came in on budget. So look around carefully but give REM serious consideration.
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Joseph Jeff Loewi

President 315 E 77 St Corp

It is a pleasure to having REM manage our multi-family properties. Their entire team is dedicated to providing professional management, and treats each property as if it is their own. We are a rather large company and have worked and continue to work with several management companies. None have been as responsive and hands on as the REM team. The future is bright for this growing company.
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Jessica Hakim

Carnegie Hill

R.E.M. Residential has been managing our Manhattan mixed-use building for more than three years. During that time the team at R.E.M. has impressed us in all phases of the task.

We particularly appreciate their attention to detail, anticipating and handling potential tenant issues, knowledge of the considerable intricacies of owning and managing real estate in New York City, as well as meeting all projected financial targets while maintaining the property at the highest level.

Our relationship with R.E.M. has exceeded our expectations and I give them our highest recommendation.
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Chet Hochbaum


EAX Group Wholeheartedly recommends R.E.M. Residential for its property management services. R.E.M. took over management of one of our properties a year ago, and the improvement in the building has been dramatic.

First, R.E.M. is extremely hands on in its management of the property, and quick to resolve any issues. This includes any violations with the city, or issues with common spaces. Second, we saw an extremely proactive approach towards managing tenants and understanding the needs of the building. Third, we appreciate the extensive monthly reporting as well as communication with the ownership group about issues facing the building. Finally, we also found R.E.M. was proactive in creating a strategy to improve the rent roll as well as quality of the tenants.
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Evan Xenopoulos

EAX Group

About 6 months ago my family changed management companies to Rick Elezi and R.E.M. Residential for our Manhattan building that has been in our family for over 90 years. We had been with our prior management company for over 45 years and I feared the switch would be awkward. Rick understood my concerns and the switch was efficient and without problems.

Since R.E.M. Residential has taken over as the management, Rick and his staff have acted proactively to address issues that were of concern. The building has already been improved, violations have been removed and tenant relations are better.
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Kenneth P. Kahn

I am writing this letter to express how impressed our building partnership is with the wonderful service R.E.M. has provided us over the past year with regard to the day-to-day management duties of our rental property in New York City. R.E.M. has managed several significant renovation projects on our behalf with an extremely high level of efficiency and professionalism. The office staff is pleasant to speak with, our calls are typically returned promptly and we are always kept informed with regard to matters such as lease renewals and market conditions in relation to rental rate increases. I would recommend R.E.M. to any property owner that wishes to retain the services of a top-notch, professional property management firm that truly follows through on everything that it is supposed to. Read the Letter

Brison C. Rohrbach

Our experience [with R.E.M.] to date has been even better than our expectations. We found that Rick works non-stop and does not know the meaning of weekends. If we send an email, it is responded to almost always within an hour. We have been very pleased with R.E.M.'s accounting. They let us know if they see something out of the ordinary. To date all of our bills have been paid on time, and the monthly accounting reports are comprehensive (they use Appfolio). We like that in addition to the income statements and cash reports, the invoices are attached giving the Board the opportunity to review the details of paid invoices. We have been very pleased with R.E.M. Residential, and their care for our building. Read the Letter 

Diane Drey

President 353 Central Park West Condominium Association

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R.E.M. Residential has built our client base by caring for them and their residents and treating them with respect. It is this approach that has generated loyalty from our clients and investors who entrust their properties to our care. Whether our client’s buildings are large or small, condos or co-ops, we provide the same unsurpassed property management service.

Please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you, and answering any questions you may have.