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R.E.M. Residential is one of the premier property management companies in New York. Our properties include over 200 buildings throughout Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

We have been recognized as trailblazers in our field, and continue to produce groundbreaking results. R.E.M. Residential property management services are a sum of procedures and operations in which we control and oversee a real estate property. Our services include multi-family management, condo and co-op property management, retail property management, and international real estate investment property management. For more information, please take a look at the category that best describes your property type.

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Managing a NYC coop is unlike managing any other property. Because of the location, laws, and number of units, managing a NYC condo is extremely demanding.

R.E.M. Residential does no rely solely on the expertise of our staff to do this effectively (although their combined experience is extremely extensive.) We also utilize a plethora of technology available to us including (but not limited to):

  • Building board
  • Building link
  • Board packager

In order to effectively manage hundreds of properties all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, we have a very systemized structure and work flow. We are up to date all all the latest compliance and legal requirements so that we do not allow things to inadvertently fall between the cracks. Our staff all attend multiple seminars to stay up to date, and we belong to a multitude of real estate organizations, to hep us stay up to date on all new trends and regulations.

In addition to technology, we ensure that we have a redundance of staff and resources dedicated to each building. Every Property Manager has a dedicated assistant who attends meetings and takes minutes..

At R.E.M. Residential, our core values are open communication and transparency. We keep close eye on expenses and complex compliance matters and constantly update our board on whats happening in the buildings. We encourage boards to communicate with residents often. It’s rare that people get upset with too much communication, so we strive to keep everyone posted on things happening from our end and boards from their end. When we pull together good things happen.

R.E.M. Residential works with some very notable and classic buildings and tons of landmarks so we are experienced in how to work with them to get jobs done quickly.

Our Board president, Diane Drey, literally wrote the book on a NYC Edition of A Step by Step Guide to Navigating the Facade Safety Inspection Program. Her book is widely acclaimed and lauded for finally making the facade regulations clear.

It’s all about effort, experience and paying attention. Our clients always have 100% effort from all of our staff and our full attention.

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Long Island

R.E.M. Residential proudly manages 160 Middleneck Road, Long island’s first coop.

While many  NYC property management companies shy away from long island, we are looking to expand our presence, especially in Nassau. Managing a property on Long Island tends to require more time and work. Boards tend to be hands-on, and there are more issues with landscaping, structural issues, garages, pools.

We have dozens of friendly vendors who do great work at reasonable prices. For us its all about relationships  with board, co-workers, vendors and building staff. We strategically place our managers so that their buildings are not too far form their home, not only for frequent visits but also in case of emergency.

R.E.M. Residential has both the resources and the infrastructure to manage Long Island Properties and find solutions quickly and effectively. We are selective so that if we take on a building we give our word we will do it right. We don’t just manage a property, we are committed to increasing your ROI, and turning clients into referrals.

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The owner of R.E.M. Residential, Rick Elezi is local – he was raised in Yonkers, and Rick and Shpresa have lived in Westchester for over 35 years. So it is with a special sense of pride that R.E.M. Residential now offers their award winning services to Westchester. With our Westchester office in Bronxville, we manage buildings in Tuckahoe, Peekskill. New Rochelle as well as other Westchester towns.

R.E.M. Residential is forward thinking and high tech. We offer the perfect mixture of personal attention and technology. Our core value of “Open Communication Always” ensures that we dedicate our time to speak with shareholders and unit owners.

Our property managers are local and visit their buildings weekly, but sometimes even daily, depending on each building’s individual needs. It is not unheard of for our managers to be at a building multiple times per day.

Unlike most NYC Management companies, R.E.M. Residential takes into account Westchester’s unique needs. There are more factors to consider like landscaping, pools , structural issues, tennis courts and more. Westchester Boards tend to be more hands on, and we thrive with the collaborative approach.

With our extensive network of tested and trusted vendors, we tackle projects expertly; whether it is structural repairs, garage repairs, roofs, façade, or lobby renovations.


R.E.M. residential has a storefront conveniently located at 15 Park Place in Bronxville. Please just pop in and say hello.
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