The R.E.M. Difference

R.E.M. Residential is a family business and every person to enter our sphere is welcomed as a member of a close-knit family. Our staff are friendly and approachable and are always easy to access.

R.E.M. Residential was awarded multiple awards and accolades. Some of which are the 2019 NYBMA Award for Best Property Management Company, Sitecompli’s 2017 Pioneer Award, NYARM’s 2016 Property Management Company of the Year Award, and their 2014 Trailblazer of the Year Award.

R.E.M. Residential’s unique business approach has been recognized by a panel of leaders in the real estate industry, as well as our clients. Our commitment is to always raise the bar, and ensure our clients’ profitability and success.

We Are Transparent

Whether it’s a 4 unit building or a 25 floor complex, our management style is the same. Straightforward. Effective. Always transparent. It is evident from the moment you meet us. There is always full disclosure of all aspects of running your property.

Many of our competitors charge to prepare leases. They nickel and dime you charging for copies, postage and anything else they can eke out of you. They charge to list and rent units. They peddle services like renovations and brokerage. They profit by charging the extras, not by increasing your rent roll.

R.E.M. Residential takes on buildings for management. There is no charge for postage or copies. We handle most renovations without charging construction management fees. Lease preparations , reviewing applications, renewals, are all part of our service. No surprises. We profit by increasing your rent roll.

 Open door policy
 All-in fees. No surprises
 R.E.M. encourages our clients to work together
 Our Owners’ interests are protected above all
 R.E.M doesn’t nickel and dime you for value added services

R.E.M. Residential is Transparent

At R.E.M. Residential, our core value is transparency. We operate transparently in every aspect of our service. Our top priority is to ensure that our clients are continuously kept in-the-know in all that we do.

The days of never being able to reach your property manager are over. R.E.M. Residential has a unique open-door policy. We build positive relationships and trust with both clients and tenants. As soon as you step off the elevator into our office, every member of the team is visible. You are always greeted with smiling faces because at R.E.M. we have an atmosphere that is cozy and cheerful. At our organization, there is no hiding behind closed office doors or full voicemail boxes. At R.E.M. Residential, our clients and their tenants know that they can see and speak to the person they need without sitting in a waiting room or chasing us for days, and this creates a sense of ease and familiarity. We are always prepared and on our toes ready to help a client or tenant who walk in unexpectedly.

Our billing system is simple and easy to understand. Our management fees are set, and there are no hidden charges or surprise extra fees on top of the agreed fee.

R.E.M. Residential expertly handles routine matters ranging from not allowing overcharges and ensuring daily communications on items like lease renewals, to providing customizable management statements, and maintaining meticulous property and financial files and records that that are readily available. Our sophisticated management philosophy utilizes a combination of sound business practice and the latest technology to increase efficiency and provide all pertinent information to building owners. It is by employing this approach that R.E.M. ensures that all of our clients are fully apprised about what is happening in their buildings.

R.E.M. goes above and beyond the norm of what management companies provide for their clients.

Our talented in-house agents, Shpresa Elezi and Julia Bohush, will perform market research and provide research and guidance on lease renewals and even list the apartments – all at no charge to the Landlord. It is an added service we provide for our clients. We list all units with Nestio, so the listings are seen by the entire brokerage community. We screen and review in-house before providing recommendations to the Landlord.

Again, all of this is offered at no charge to the Landlord. Of course, using our added service is always the Landlord’s prerogative, so if you want to use your own brokers, we are happy to work with them. Listing with R.E.M. is an added value we provide to our service –  not an opportunity to churn out fees. We are in the business of Management first and foremost. 

Our client retention strategy is simple- we help our clients improve the financial performance of their assets.

Proactive and Responsive

At R.E.M. Residential we take great pride in building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. R.E.M. frequently updates our clients and watch your properties like they are our own so you can enjoy life knowing your building is in good hands. Regardless of whether our clients live near or out of state, they trust us to handle their investments. R.E.M. delivers peace of mind.

The former management company neglected to file the LL11 cycle 7 report. Now the building is faced with fines in excess of $10,000. They didn’t understand that the building was 7 stories in the back so it had to be filed. So neglect and not being informed cost the building huge fines.

R.E.M. has a compliance division that monitors all required permits so LL11 reports are always filed timely. We also know the codes and work with SiteCompli to ensure nothing ever falls through the cracks.

 Constant communication with our clients
 R.E.M. addresses problems before they get worse
 Dedicated compliance division
 Monthly top to bottom walk-throughs
 Comprehensive work order procedures

R.E.M. Residential is Proactive and Responsive

At R.E.M. Residential, we not only respond quickly and efficiently to building issues, but we proactively correct issues before they become problems. Our approach gives us the capability to successfully navigate the tough New York City rules and regulations that govern rentals, lower costs while improving properties and the tenants’ living experience. All of our staff is skilled at handling rent stabilized and rent controlled tenants.

At R.E.M. we do not sit back and wait for complaints. As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting your investment, R.E.M. ensures that your building is in full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

We recognize the importance of compliance and preventing violations before they occur. In the event that there is work in progress at a property, we do regular walk-throughs to make sure that the work is done according to schedule and within all rules and regulations.

We believe it’s critical to stay abreast of current codes and regulations. In the unlikely event that a violation is issued, REM has the acumen to respond to it promptly and timely to make the necessary corrections. We provide representation for Owners at various NYC agencies. Sometimes, regardless of how diligent or proactive we are, an issue out of our control can arise. That is where we shine. We have work order systems in place, along with the experience to handle any type complaint or issue.

Finally be worry-free with R.E.M.’s proactive management

Our cost effective solutions improve tenant stability and the long term condition of your property.


Our staff works as a team. We have a great camaraderie and spirit of cooperation. You never have to worry when your property manager goes on vacation. We all work together, learn from each other, and pick up seamlessly for each other.  Every agent has outlook exchange so their emails arrive instantly and they are on call 24/7. There is a free-flow exchange of ideas and solutions which results in the optimized running of your property.

They do a “one size fits all.” They stick their agents with as many buildings as possible to save expenses and let them burn out and leave. Another overloaded agent will have to get to know your property from scratch again! When your agent goes on vacation, they give you a list of contractors to call, and nobody else that knows your building.

You can reach your agent 24/7. Everyone at R.E.M. knows your property so when they go on vacation, the rest of the office takes over seamlessly. Our agents have few buildings and have enough time to visit your property frequently. Staff love working at R.E.M. and their loyalty and longevity affords you and your property consistency and ease.

Open Door Policy
 Agents learn and know each others’ buildings
 No lost MCI increases
 Working with dozens of landlords for best methods
 Comprehensive vacancy and lease renewal charts
 We encourage our clients to talk to each other

R.E.M. Residential is Innovative

As managers who think and operate like Landlords, we are always thinking innovatively.  We are always looking for new solutions to old problems and seek to innovate in all aspects of our service.

Our open door policy and core value of transparency has raised the standard in property management in New York City. This is the core of R.E.M.’s business philosophy and practice. It may not be for everyone but for our team it has created positive relationships with our tenants, healthy and productive working relationships between staff members and more importantly, the continuing trust of our esteemed clients.

Our employees are a team.  Colleagues easily engage in conversation with each other without the formality of knocking on a door, they know each other better and have a great camaraderie. Every agent has Outlook Exchange so their emails arrive instantly and they are on call 24/7. You never have to worry when your property manager goes on vacation. We all work together, learn from each other, and pick up seamlessly for each other. There is a free-flow exchange of ideas and solutions which results in the optimized running of your property.

Forget cookie cutter management. With our state-of-the-art property management software, we customize our reports to your preferences. These reports include but are not limited to arrears reports, budgets, and building comparison reports. R.E.M. provides comprehensive in-house reports to owners such as vacancy charts, legal charts, tenant status charts. We even provide building comparisons reports. R.E.M. constantly strives to provide our clients with information they will find useful and give them a clear idea as to how their buildings are performing. Based on our reviews and reports, we constantly compare like-size buildings and seek ways to reduce expenses, and examine your reports for red flags in line items.

At R.E.M. Residential, our transparency is our core value. We promise that our agents will frequent your buildings and we do. We provide monthly reports detailing how many times your property manager has been at your building and every issue with the property that month. In addition, our walk-through reports are sent to you monthly. Our agents provide detailed reports 2 to 3 months before free market leases expire. We perform market research and report on the type of tenancy, details in increase history and our suggested increases. We also provide “early bird “ lease renewals. We have perfected a system of balances between retention and increased rent.

R.E.M. staff visits and meets with our tenants frequently. We know our tenants well, and accurately predict vacancy and settlement factors. We are always in control of what occurs in a building. When we do key fobs for our buildings, we keep the keys in-house so we ensure only registered tenants have keys. R.E.M. has unique ways of communicating with our residents, and keeping them happy. And on the occasion they do have to vacate, because of our relationship with them, they give us plenty of time and provide access to show to potential new residents. And we do so with as little downtime as possible.


R.E.M. Residential is a forward-thinking technologically advanced comapny. We make sure that we are always in tough with the latest trends and innovation to ensure connection and communication with the team, and with our clients and tenants. Below are a few of the software and applications we use for our business.

R.E.M. has built our client base by caring for our residents and clients and treating them with respect. It is this approach that has generated loyalty from dozens of Landlords and investors who entrust their buildings to us. Whether our client’s buildings are large or small, we provide the same unsurpassed service.

Hands On

R.E.M. understands the importance of being present at a property, watching over renovations, ensuring there are no potential hazards or violations, and working with the staff. We meet face-to-face with residents and are available for them during emergencies. Building real relationships is not a lost art at R.E.M. We treat your properties as if they are our own.

They sell you that the agents visit the buildings once a week. Then your superintendent tells you they haven’t seen an agent in months. We were informed at a building we took over “the company managed the building for 7 years. That’s how many times I saw the agent. 7 times.”

We are truly hands on. We make spot surprise inspections. We do walk-throughs with the staff. We inspect every apartment. We send Owners monthly reports from our top to bottom walk-throughs. We are always on our toes. Ask our superintendents – they will tell you how well they know our agents.

 R.E.M. Residential is hands on
 We know mechanical systems
 We get to know your building top to bottom
 Frequent apartment inspections
 We get to know our residents
 We never stop learning

R.E.M. Residential is Hands On

At R.E.M. Residential we do not engage in drive by management. We get to know our buildings, our residents, our mechanicals. We treat each property like it were our own and that is evident the moment we take control.

Is your manager knowledgeable about how boilers and heating systems work? Do they know how sprinkler systems work? Do they know the lead paint law? Mold? At R.E.M. we provide continuing education and get hands on training from experts in their field. Not being hands on, not knowing how systems work reduces the effectiveness of a manager. And the more we know the more we save money for the Landlord and avoid potential problems. At R.E.M. Residential we diligently service your residents and effectively tailor and implement improvement strategies for significantly lowering repair and operating expenses.

Does Your Managing Agent have the hands-on skills that all R.E.M. Managers posses?

Our weekly checks include, but are not limited to:

At R.E.M, We Do All of That and More!

At R.E.M. Residential, we employ passionate skilled and experienced people and with this combination have built one of the city’s leading property management companies. We have a meticulously crafted process, refined over the years that we follow to undertake building inspections and to keep the results as permanent records in our files. We also perform annual apartment inspections which not only benefits the Landlord as it gives us the opportunity to see the space and condition as well as allowing the tenant to see that we care about them.

Rent Regulation Experts

R.E.M. Residential is expert at rental code so our entire staff know the codes and how to deal with rent stabilized and controlled residents. The property manager assigned to your building is not only expert with rules and regulations, we also consistently take continuing education courses to keep up to date on law and statute changes. At R.E.M. we ensure that your property is in compliance with the new rent regulations enacted in 2019.
They renovate apartments and misplace the documents, do not keep copies of all invoices and canceled checks. This exposes the landlord to overcharge cases.

At R.E.M. we keep meticulous records. All invoices are detailed and bank statements, copies of canceled checks are kept close in case an overcharge arises. Our landlords sleep well knowing we have documented records.

Always learning, always ahead of the game
Rent stabilized and rent regulation specialists
Rent registrations done expertly in-house
Protect the landlord from overcharges
 Keep meticulous records and documents

R.E.M. Residential: Expert at Rent Regulations

At R.E.M. Residential we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of the Real Estate industry, and are known as experts in rent regulation laws, particularly the new regulations enacted in 2019. We understand that it is critical to continue accumulating knowledge by actively researching the latest technology and regulations. Our staff is professional, well trained and participates in a wide variety of industry related continuing education programs.

At R.E.M. we know how to do things the right way and understand all the rules and regulations. Are you confident that your current Manager does too? Ask them the right questions!

With R.E.M. Residential watching over your buildings you can be assured that your prized investments – your properties – are in capable hands. We regularly attend seminars, trade shows and business functions. We are members of numerous real estate organizations such as CHIP, IREM, NYARM and RSA, and subscribe to numerous industry publications and magazines.

We Love What We Do

We all know the feeling of getting help from someone who loves doing what they do, and how it feels to be helped by someone who is grudgingly doing what they have to do because it is their job. We assure you that your experience with all of the staff at R.E.M. is always a pleasure – because we have great staff, a great team, and we enjoy every minute of it.

One of the biggest challenges in this business is turnover. It is a high-stress industry and if not managed well, staff get burned out and leave. What this means to an owner is that there is no continuity or long term knowledge of your building and there is no long term contact with whom you develop a longstanding relationship of trust. A manager that has been working with a building for many years understands its quirks much like one understands an old friend. At R.E.M. we not only carefully hire people who are passionate about what they do, we nurture the passion, and work together as a team to ensure longevity and continuity in management.

At R.E.M., our team approach is unique. We get to know each other’s building issues so we can take over seamlessly for each other in case of emergency. This allows us to help out when shorthanded, but it also allows us the freedom to go on vacation without stress knowing we have each other’s backs, preventing burnout. This is a huge difference from our competitors who assure you they have others to chip in, and then all they do is provide you a list of vendors and contractors to call in case of emergency. At R.E.M. we help each other and go the extra mile to make sure all of our clients and their properties are taken care of. 

What do you love about Real Estate?

What do you love most about your job?

What makes working at R.E.M. different than other companies?

Why do you love what you do?

How does R.E.M. get these incredible reviews?

What's the craziest thing you have ever seen in one of your buildings?

Why do you believe face to face interaction is so important rather than working remotely?

Do you have any famous people living in your building? How does it impact what you do?

What is the single most important tool in a Property Manager’s arsenal?

How is teamwork fostered at REM and why do you love working as a team?

What is the first and last thing you do at the REM office?