R.E.M. Residential at CHIP’s Summer Cocktail Party

CHIP’s 2014 Golf Outing and Summer Cocktail Party was so well attended, it was impossible to include pictures of all the attendees in our last issue. But we accidentally omitted one of our most photogenic members: REM Residential, headed by Rick Elezi. CHIP would like to extend special thanks to the REM team for its work in the industry and support of CHIP. In addition, CHIP would like to congratulate Rick and Shpresa Elezi on their 25th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated over the summer. Below are pictures of the REM Residential team at CHIP’s Summer Cocktail Party.

R.E.M. Residential TEAM

Photo: From left to right, Esterina Shehu, Rosanna Shkreli, Maria Guzman, Alana Stridiron, Shpresa Elezi, Rick Elezi, Aida Gashi, Julia Bohush, Rashaad Middleton

R.E.M. Residential team R.E.M. Residential team R.E.M. Residential team