R.E.M. Residential Announces Expansion

By Real Estate Weekly

R.E.M. Residential has appointed three new senior executives to expand its range of services.

The company has also added six buildings to its growing roster of properties under management and has relocated its headquarters to a 5,000 s/f facility at 36 West 37th Street.

“These are exciting times for us; we’re taking significant leaps forward as a firm,” said Rick Elezi, R.E.M.’s president.

“Establishing a new headquarters in which we can all prosper together in the coming years is just part of it. Our aspirations and plans have grown in concert with the size of our office and our staff.”

The new executives are Maria Guzman, senior asset manager; Rashaad Middleton, property manager; and Tye Moody, associate director of leasing.

With the addition of three primarily residential Manhattan buildings and two in The Bronx, R.E.M. now has more than 70 properties under its management, with an aggregate of some 1,300 apartments. The additions, which contain a total 84 apartment units and eight stores, are at 247 and 354 East 81st Street, and 1565 Second Avenue, all on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and 2070 and 2074 Arthur Avenue in The Bronx.

In addition, R.E.M. has assumed the management of a commercial building consisting of two stores at 1670 Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

Guzman brings with her seven years of experience working with low-income housing tax credit buildings and is a Certified Credit Compliance Professional (C3P) for low-income housing tax credits.

She previously worked as a financial risk manager for a brokerage company in her native Colombia, before relocating to New York City in 2004, where she continued her career in residential real estate.

Guzman holds a B.S. in economics and finance from Universidad del Valle in Colombia and Queens College of the City University of New York.

Middleton is a graduate of New York University. His experience includes five years of residential real estate sales, a long history in the customer service business, concentrating on customer service management, and a degree in sociology.

Moody had been working independently for R.E.M. for several years, and the firm’s growing volume of business resulted in a decision to offer him a position in-house.

A Sarah Lawrence College alumnus, Moody began his career in apartment rentals in 2006, organizing listings and contacts for Rockledge Partners. In 2011, he set out on his own, founding Tye Moody Real Estate, a firm that served as exclusive agent to Rockledge.

“These new members of our team are emblematic of how R.E.M. looks to evolve from this point forth,” continued Elezi. “Maria, Rashaad, and Tye are consummate, forward-looking professionals with great ideas and an enthusiastic approach to their work. We cannot wait to see the heights to which we can take our firm through this exciting new collaboration.”