We Make Condo Building Management Work

Managing condominium buildings is its own niche category of keeping all property parties pleased. At R.E.M. Residential, we have found the key tactics for condo management success, and we encourage you to use our services for your properties.

Here’s how we climbed to the top of condo property management companies:

  • We immerse ourselves in the community. Condominiums house homeowners and long-term residents. Creating relationships with the local community is the best way to keep tenants actively engaged with the neighborhood and reaping the benefits of community-based decisions.  
  • Our contractor network allows us to be fluid in remedying building maintenance. It isn’t often, but severing contractor relations is very much a reality. At R.E.M. Residential, our contractor network is wide and well-saturated so we can swiftly bring in the right person or team when maintenance needs arise. The better cared-for a property is, the higher the property rises in condominium association standings.
  • We mediate with ease. Mediation is a large portion of tenant appeasement. Since tenants own their condos, they cannot be swiftly evicted as they can from rented apartments. And as disagreements and tiffs arise in any neighborhood, they arise amongst neighbors and homeowners who all report to the same person or team: us. We are experienced in finding solutions that keep all tenants happy, respectful and proud to be owners of the property.
  • We encourage ownership responsibility. When we reframe the need to keep each condo maintained from a requirement to the point of pride, tenants are willing to go the extra mile to keep well-groomed condos and lawns.

R.E.M. Residential, one of the most respected condo management companies in NYC, is committed to striking the balance between home ownership and rental-like requests of condominium tenants. Work with our team to keep tenants feeling at home and investors happy with the property. Reach out to R.E.M. Residential to learn more about our services and how we make your life and investments better.