Rent Regulation Experts

R.E.M. Residential  is expert at rental code so our entire staff know the codes and how to deal with rent stabilized and controlled residents. The property manager assigned to your building is not only expert with rules and regulations, we also consistently take continuing education courses to keep up to date on law and statute changes. At R.E.M. we ensure that your property is in compliance with the new rent regulations enacted in 2019.

They renovate apartments and misplace the documents, do not keep copies of all invoices and canceled checks. This exposes the landlord to overcharge cases.
At R.E.M. we keep meticulous records. All invoices are detailed and bank statements, copies of canceled checks are kept close in case an overcharge arises. Our landlords sleep well knowing we have documented records of all rent increases.


  • Always learning, always ahead of the game
  • Rent stabilized and rent regulation specialists
  • Rent registrations done expertly in-house
  • Protect the landlord from overcharges
  • Fuel costs and MBRs done timely
  • Keep meticulous records and documents

R.E.M. Residential: Expert at Rent Regulations

At R.E.M. Residential we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of the Real Estate industry, and are known as experts in rent regulation laws, particularly the new regulations enacted in 2019. We understand that it is critical to continue accumulating knowledge by actively researching the latest technology and regulations. Our staff is professional, well trained and participates in a wide variety of industry related continuing education programs.


If a self managing Landlord or a management company is not absolutely adept in the rent regulation laws it could result in ruinous costs and repercussions. Owners of small or family owned properties can find themselves embroiled in the onslaught of new legislation such as rent stabilization riders, new FDNY rules, and a whole host of new rules and regulations.


Despite best intentions, family members and casual legal advisers are unable to effectively provide sound advice due to lack of knowledge, inexperience, or lack of time to keep pace with the ever-changing laws.

At R.E.M. we know how to do things the right way and understand all the rules and regulations.

Are you confident that your current Manager does too? Ask them the right questions!

Incorrect leases and renewals are quite common unless you know the in’s and out’s of rent stabilization and rent regulation. At R.E.M. we are experts. Every lease is executed properly, and all backup for increases carefully filed. Rent registrations are done properly and in a timely manner.


With R.E.M. Residential watching over your buildings you can be assured that your prized investments – your properties – are in capable hands. We regularly attend seminars, trade shows and business functions. We are members of numerous real estate organizations such as CHIP, IREM, NYARM and RSA, and subscribe to numerous industry publications and magazines.

At R.E.M. we always think ahead, keep you in compliance, and manage with the care and pride of ownership.


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