Rick Elezi

Rick Elezi

President and Founder

Rick Elezi is the president and founder of R.E.M. Residential. He has extensive experience in the real estate business with a concentration in the residential real estate management sector in New York City. He began R.E.M. Residential to put the knowledge he gained from his uniquely diverse background into practice.


Why is he so driven to succeed? Rick believes it comes from his roots. Arriving from Albania when he was two years old, he recalls how he grew up in the South Bronx as the child of working class parents. Both parents worked several jobs to support their family. Rick’s father instilled in him the strong work ethic that has driven him where he is today: running a thriving company based in a 5000 square foot, newly renovated Midtown Manhattan office. Managing his business keeps Rick working 60 hours a week, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He thrives on multitasking and the constant action that rental management demands. Rick is the story of the American Dream personified.


He began his career as a porter, handyman and doorman at several luxury Manhattan buildings throughout his high school and college years, where he developed a great interest and awareness of the immense and exciting opportunities that the real estate world had to offer. He earned a B.A. degree in Finance and Business Management from Iona College.


Rick’s ascent in the real estate industry started when he was merely 18 years old.  He worked as a doorman at a luxury building and was quickly promoted to concierge. Finally, he was offered the position of an on-site manager. Accepting the position was a risk because it came with a drop in his salary, but he decided to take the leap.  From there, he held senior property management positions at Lawrence Properties and several other well-respected firms, where he efficiently managed a diverse portfolio of real estate assets including Residential, Retail and Co-op properties. The hands-on experience was invaluable.  It fed his love for the industry and was key to his career in residential management. A career during which he has mastered the art of  balancing compliance, cost-cutting and income-producing strategies.  Rick is dynamic, positive and operates with a can-do attitude.  His integrity, determination and competence are well known in the industry.


Mr. Elezi is an active member of numerous professional organizations including CHIP, NYARM, SABMG and REBNY. In 2004, he was recognized by his peers in the industry and named Property Manager of the Year by the Scandinavian-American Building Managers Guild. In that same year, REM received the Trailblazer of the Year Award from NYARM. REM Residential went on to be named NYARM’s 2016 Property Management Company of the Year, and receive the 2017 SiteCompli Pioneer Award, which is given to companies who spearhead innovation across their organization, including the use of technology.


Rick Elezi lives in New York together with his wife and daughter.