Our Team2

Our Team

R.E.M.’s team consists of bright, spirited and experienced professionals.  As a result of teamwork, motivation and flexibility, we have developed a vibrant working atmosphere and outstanding collaboration.  Due to the changing nature of the business, our staff frequently attend seminars and continuing education classes to ensure that we are always knowledgeable and operate effectively for our clients.


We believe in building relationships and collaboration and we frequently host real estate events that are the talk of the town, bringing clients and industry professionals together where they gain from the shared knowledge, experiences and resources.

R.E.M. understands the importance of great staff and the stability that having long term dedicated staff members creates in an organization. We treat our staff like family, providing them with the environment they need to succeed, whether that is time off to rejuvenate, support in time of need, or assistance with difficult projects. Our staff are happy to be with R.E.M. and their happiness and commitment is evident in every client and tenant experience.

R.E.M.’s staff offers more than just industry knowledge and depth of experience, but also is comprised of diversely talented and dedicated property management experts, who have devoted their career to the real estate industry, and who work tirelessly to ensure that every detail of the building they manage is handled efficiently and professionally.

Our Dedicated Staff

Julianna Elezi

Office Manager

    Crystal Campbell

    Maintenance Coordinator