Multi-Family Rental Management in New York City

At R.E.M. Residential we think and act like property owners. For most owners, when there’s an issue and something needs to be repaired or a face-to-face fix, it can be near-impossible to get a vendor to respond at a moment’s notice, even if it is from a referral. We are here to serve residents of multi-family properties and are available 24/7 to both you and your tenants. We have an open door policy, and constantly keep you up to date on the status of your building. Should there be an issue, we use only our staff of tested and trusted vendors to make timely and cost-effective repairs.

One small misstep could cost you thousands in lost rent and crushing fines, and R.E.M. Residential multi-family management services prevent you from having the near impossible task of having to keep track of the convoluted and ever-changing New York laws and regulations. We ensure you are in compliance, and have the knowledge and ability to implement procedures to protect you, your tenants, and your rent roll.

At R.E.M. Residential, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of New York City Property Management. R.E.M. Residential has been widely recognized as trailblazers in our field, and we continue to raise the bar in multi-family management services in New York City. Our knowledge, contacts and expertise are the advantage you need to ensure that your investment produces a high return and increases in value simultaneously.

At R.E.M. Residential, we are confident in our ability to improve the performance of your multi-family rental property and help dozens of landlords and owners to improve the quality and return on investment of their properties. We are highly motivated to improve the performance of your property and have had unprecedented results with our clients.

There are many reasons for you to utilize R.E.M. Residential to maximize the profitability of your investment. With our network of tested and trusted providers and the experience that R.E.M. Residential brings to the table, you can be assured that you will rest well at night knowing your investment is in capable hands.

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Condo and Co-Op Property Management in New York City

R.E.M. Residential is one of the premier property management companies in New York. Our properties include over 5000 units throughout NYC, Long Island and Westchester. R.E.M. Residential manages many prestigious buildings in the New York area. We take a hands on team approach to taking on buildings so that transition is smooth and carefree. All it takes is 30 days and the boards barely even notice. Our comprehensive transition checklist ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

We have been recognized as trailblazers in our field, and continue to produce groundbreaking results. R.E.M. Residential property management services are a sum of procedures and operations in which we control and oversee a real estate property. Our services include multi-family management, condo and co-op property management, retail property management, and international real estate investment property management. For more information, please take a look at the category that best describes your property type.

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R.E.M. Residential is proactive in condo and co-op property management and we don’t wait for the board to ask us to do our job. We immediately get to work, checking building systems, and managing all aspects of the property. We provide detailed and accurate budgeting for both the long and short-term.

Some of the items we include in our meeting agendas are Open Building Issues, Management Reports, Shareholder Issues and New Business. We ensure that all matters that need to be discussed are on the agenda and fully researched.

Because many of our properties are  rental properties, we gain a distinct perspective about how to run a building. We think and operate like owners, and our boards benefit from our ability to approach each property from a unique point of view.  We are always mindful of keeping expenses down and never stop seeking cost-cutting methods. 

R.E.M. Residential is progressive. We believe in using the right tools to maximize our effectiveness. We use Site Compli to monitor complaints, and our boards are automatically notified. For expense tracking and operations, we use App Folio, which is widely known as the best in the industry. We have a very strong back office and our meticulous property management statements that can be customized to suit your needs. 

At R.E.M. Residential, we believe in long term planning and we generate and maintain lasting relationships with our boards.

Some of the items that can be included in customized reports are:

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Retail Property Management in New York City

At R.E.M. Residential we understand that the retail portion of your property can make or break your rent roll. because the commercial rent is higher than residential, we adjust our management fees for the retail portion. Our rates are reasonable and on retail properties always negotiable.

R.E.M. Residential is well equipped to handle all all aspects of retail property management. We have an in-house brokerage and can expertly assist with background checks, negotiations, preparing new leases, and all other aspects to ensure that you have the highest paying tenants who are a good fit for your property.

Our retail property management is extremely organized. Our back office utilizes Yardi software, widely known as the best property management software in the industry. We provide very accurate detailed billing and reports so you always know exactly what is happening with your property.

We get to know your retail tenants, build a solid relationship and educate them on what is their responsibly and what is landlord’s (like sidewalks cleanup and snow removal). We make sure insurance certificates are in place so the building is always property covered. We make sure there are no violations or potential violations that could negatively impact the property.

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