We Are Transparent

Whether it’s a 4 unit building or a 10 floor complex, our management style is the same. Straightforward.  Effective. Always transparent. It is evident from the moment you meet us.  There is always full disclosure of all aspects of running your property.

Many of our competitors charge to prepare leases. They nickel and dime you charging for copies, postage and anything else they can eke out of you. They charge to list and rent units. They peddle services like renovations and brokerage. They profit by charging the extras, not by increasing your rent roll.
R.E.M. Residential takes on buildings for management. There is no charge for postage or copies. We handle most renovations without charging construction management fees. Lease preparations , reviewing applications, renewals, are all part of our service. No surprises. We profit by increasing your rent roll.


  • Open door policy
  • All-in fees. No surprises
  • R.E.M. encourages our clients to work together
  • Our Owners’ interests are protected above all
  • R.E.M doesn’t nickel and dime you for value added services

R.E.M. Residential is Transparent

At R.E.M. Residential, our core value is transparency.  We operate transparently in every aspect of our service. Our top priority is to ensure that our clients are continuously kept in-the-know in all that we do.

The days of never being able to reach your property manager are over.  R.E.M. Residential has a unique open-door policy. We build positive relationships and trust with both clients and tenants. As soon as you step off the elevator into our office, every member of the team is visible. You are always greeted with smiling faces because at R.E.M. we have an atmosphere that is cozy and cheerful. At our organization, there is no hiding behind closed office doors or full voicemail boxes. At R.E.M. Residential, our clients and their tenants know that they can see and speak to the person they need without sitting in a waiting room or chasing us for days, and this creates a sense of ease and familiarity. We are always prepared and on our toes ready to help a client or tenant who walk in unexpectedly.

Our billing system is simple and easy to understand. Our management fees are set, and there are no hidden charges or surprise extra fees on top of the agreed fee.

R.E.M. Residential expertly handles routine matters ranging from not allowing overcharges and ensuring daily communications on items like lease renewals, to providing customizable management statements, and maintaining meticulous property and financial files and records that that are readily available. Our sophisticated management philosophy utilizes a combination of sound business practice and the latest technology to increase efficiency and provide all pertinent information to building owners. It is by employing this approach that R.E.M. ensures that all of our clients are fully apprised about what is happening in their buildings.

R.E.M. goes above and beyond the norm of what management companies provide for their clients.

Our talented in-house agents, Shpresa Elezi and Julia Bohush, will perform market research and provide research and guidance on lease renewals and even list the apartments – all at no charge to the Landlord. It is an added service we provide for our clients. We list all units with Nestio, so the listings are seen by the entire brokerage community. We screen and review in-house before providing recommendations to the Landlord.


Again, all of this is offered at no charge to the Landlord. Of course, using our added service is always the Landlord’s prerogative, so if you want to use your own brokers, we are happy to work with them. Listing with R.E.M. is an added value we provide to our service –  not an opportunity to churn out fees. We are in the business of Management first and foremost.

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Our management services and open door policy have solidified our client’s utmost trust and faith in that we always operate based on their best interests. It is this simplicity of management that has resulted in R.E.M.Residential’s expanding clientele.


Our client retention strategy is simple- we help our clients improve the financial performance of their assets.