Proactive and Responsive

At R.E.M. Residential we take great pride in building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. R.E.M. frequently updates our clients and watch your properties like they are our own so you can enjoy life knowing your building is in good hands. Regardless of whether our clients live near or out of state, they trust us to handle their investments.  R.E.M. delivers peace of mind.

The former management company neglected to file the LL11 cycle 7 report. Now the building is faced with fines in excess of $10,000. They didn’t understand that the building was 7 stories in the back so it had to be filed. So neglect and not being informed cost the building huge fines.
R.E.M. has a compliance division that monitors all required permits so LL11 reports are always filed timely. We also know the codes and work with SiteCompli to ensure nothing ever falls through the cracks.


  • Constant communication with our clients
  • R.E.M. addresses problems before they get worse
  • Dedicated compliance division
  • Monthly top to bottom walk-throughs
  • Comprehensive work order procedures

R.E.M. Residential is Proactive and Responsive

At R.E.M. Residential, we not only respond quickly and efficiently to building issues, but we proactively correct issues before they become problems. Our approach gives us the capability to successfully navigate the tough New York City rules and regulations that govern rentals, lower costs while improving properties and the tenants’ living experience. Since rental property management is all that we do, all of our staff is skilled at handling rent stabilized and rent controlled tenants.


As part of our standard service, we do top to bottom monthly walk-throughs. We constantly monitor Site-Compli reports and present the reports to our Landlords and Owners. We are diligent in ensuring that our Owners and Landlords are always up to date with the status of the property, and that all issues are appropriately addressed.

At R.E.M. we do not sit back and wait for complaints. As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting your investment, R.E.M. ensures that your building is in full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

We recognize the importance of compliance and preventing violations before they occur. In the event that there is work in progress at a property, we do regular walk-throughs to make sure that the work is done according to schedule and within all rules and regulations.



We believe it’s critical to stay abreast of current codes and regulations. In the unlikely event that a violation is issued, REM has the acumen to respond to it promptly and timely to make the necessary corrections. We provide representation for Owners at various NYC agencies. Sometimes, regardless of how diligent or proactive we are, an issue out of our control can arise. That is where we shine. We have work order systems in place, along with the experience to handle any type complaint or issue.

Finally be worry-free with R.E.M.’s  proactive management

Our cost effective solutions improve tenant stability and the long term condition of your property.