Shpresa Nela

Shpresa Nela

Director of Insurance

Shpresa Nela’s background spans almost three decades of Insurance, Marketing and Customer Relations experience. She joined R.E.M. in 2019 as the Director of Insurance as an added value to our customers. Her experience as an Insurance Underwriter will help us become proactive in ensuring the safety requirements and controls expected from Insured Companies as well as the adequate Insurance premiums that today’s market demands.


Shpresa has 10 years of marketing experience, and has managed a staff of over 15 employees. She has a strong background in sales that includes closing deals and maintaining long term relationships. She is an innovative thinker – her work ethic and ability to solve problems as they arise will prove valuable to R.E.M. and our clients.


Shpresa’s knowledge of the Insurance underwriting, building violation codes and structural aspects of a building makes her invaluable, especially when improvements are necessary towards safety and loss prevention. She provides peace of mind that our customers need to ensure that they are adequately covered and are not paying above market premiums for their buildings.


Shpresa is very professional, knowledgeable, driven and personable which are a great recipe for a successful career at REM.