Sandy Relief

As New Yorkers rose to lend a hand to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2013, R.E.M. joined the cause. We spent most of the days during the super storm glued to the television watching endless tear-jerking pictures of the annihilation of many homes and stunned faces of everyone touched by the tragedy. That’s when we decided R.E.M. will do something to help.


Our offices went a week without power, but as soon as power came back on November 3rd, our employees got together and began reaching out to our large network of contractors, vendors and friends in the industry. We were able to raise over $10,000 in monetary donations, as well as multiple donations of various good and supplies. The monetary contributions were used to purchase a tremendous amount of goods and supplies.

About 25 of the superintendents, workers, industry friends and family went along to Staten Island on November 16 to help with the distribution of supplies to the devastated communities. As we approached the affected area, we felt the devastation, but it was followed quickly by a proud feeling of being part of this state and this country as the picture of Ariana’s Grand surrounded by FEMA workers, volunteers and tents full of donations came into focus. Our R.E.M. team was warmly received by all.
As we went from location to location we unpacked the massive moving truck donated by the Padded Wagon (a hot pink breast cancer awareness truck) in the final location. About 25 people greeted us to unload. It was truly a team effort and very rewarding. Emotions were running high and we knew we were doing something very noble.


On our way home, the activities of the day began sinking in. We realized that as a group of people as diverse as our country and our state, with nationalities including Albanians, Croatians, Colombians, Dominicans, Italians, Turkish and Americans, had all come together as one in an effort to unite, help and give.