Rashaad Middleton

Rashaad Middleton

Account Executive

Rashaad Middleton has a well-rounded experience of more than 15 years. He has a degree in Sociology and holds a Real Estate license from NYU. Rashaad traveled the world extensively for almost a year, and this is when he developed his skill and love of working with people from all walks of life.


His career path has been in the Real Estate and Customer Service Industry.  He spent ten years working in Customer Service Management and five  years as a Real Estate Salesperson in New York City. During this time he was able to further his talents and cultivate the necessary skills and qualifications to succeed.


Rashaad’s ability to efficiently handle any situation and his warm yet direct and hands-on approach has been very well received.   He is a very hands-on manager, and effectively oversaw the installation of solar panels at two of our largest buildings. Rashaad has proven himself as a knowledgeable leader, winning the respect of his tenants and building staff and our clients. He hopes to one day use these talents in the management of this own properties.


Rashaad’s  divers and well-rounded background has  added to his ability to develop close relationships with tenants and staff  has contributed to him being such a well-liked and top performing Property Manager.