Complimentary Building Assessment

If you are interested in our Management Services, prior to any negotiations, we will perform a complimentary top to bottom assessment of your property. During this process, we inspect the entire building: from roof to basement and all mechanicals.

R.E.M. Residential completes a thorough top to bottom inspection of your property, including fire escapes, mechanical rooms, boiler room, roof and all common areas. We look for potential insurance hazards, fire hazards, as well as code compliance. We also look for simple improvements you could do immediately to prevent liability and enhance your property.

With our top-of-the line software, we research your building online for open ECB, DOB, ERP, HPD violations. Based on our findings and the status of your building, we develop a strategy and game plan for steps to take and the related costs to remove the violations. A violation free building results in MBR increases, reduces insurance costs and can also prevent any tenant related court actions. This can be quite valuable when refinancing.

After the inspection, R.E.M. Residential provides a Compliance Assessment report which provides important and handy details on:

We can review your rent roll to determine any potential upside or potential issues. Rent registrations are fully reviewed to ensure there are no pitfalls and that everything was done correctly. We review your records for potential rent overcharges or undercharges. We also offer due diligence where we review all tenant files looking for potential issues.

All findings are provided in a full written report along with pictures and our recommendations. We firmly believe that most property owners will benefit simply from the walk-through.

So Don’t Wait! We Can Improve Your Building Now
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