In 2014 REM Residential was honored with the Trailblazing Management Company of the Year Award for innovation in Marketing and Management.

Some Of The Things That Set R.E.M. Apart Are:

  • R.E.M.’s bedrock principle of transparency and openness
  • We introduce clients to each other to network and exchange ideas
  • There are never any hidden fees
  • Weekly walk-throughs
  • R.E.M staff are alwats front and center at educational seminars and real estate events
  • Through social media we have garnered a huge following and rally people in volunteer efforts

At R.EM. Residential we believe our success can have a positive impact on a lot more than just helping investors and landlords. We are very much involved in helping Real estate organizations such as RSA and CHIP, who in turn help fight for the landlords. As we grow, we like to help our communities grow and benefit. For example, each year we attend and donate to JCCA, a very noble cause to help urban children get schooled. We have been active in donating to and attending Happy Faces events, which help children who are terminally ill.


Our holiday parties and real estate networking events are a great way to bring Real estate professionals together and network. We believe our continued success should be shared with those around us.