R.E.M. Thinks and Operates Like Landlords

At R.E.M. Residential we are dedicated to managing rental properties for owners and investors. Entrusting your investment portfolio or building to a property management firm is undoubtedly an  important  and nerve wracking decision.  Look no further! R.E.M. is the industry leader, working tirelessly to reduce costs and increase income to generate profit you expect and deserve.

Managing from a Landlord’s viewpoint means not spending money foolishly. It means not calling in outside contractors when the building staff can handle the work. It means we research the problem before calling a plumber or a roofer. It also means we don’t allow units to sit vacant. We minimize downtime. Managing like a Landlord means we work on tenant retention because vacancies are expensive. It means we do not allow arrears to mount or tenants to withhold rent because of repairs.


Thinking like a Landlord means we scrutinize every invoice, not blindly paying out. Thinking like a Landlord means we give Landlords notifications of violations and complaints to the city by residents. Thinking like a Landlord it means we act like partners and hide nothing.

We don’t just think like Landlords – we operate like we own the property.  We are extremely proactive, and because of our large competent team, can frequently handle daily tasks better than a Landlord can.


Just a small sample of what we do is:

  • We File for MBR’s in a timely manner
  • We correctly register stabilized tenants
  • We perform annual apartment inspections and monthly top to bottom building-wide inspections
  • Our Managers visit their buildings more than weekly
  • We send renewals out promptly and make sure all riders are signed
  • We don’t accept rent from someone who isn’t the tenant of record – we manually monitor every single payment that comes in
  • We get to know and develop long-standing relationships with our residents
  • We actively employ methods to reduce expenses such as fuel, insurance, maintenance and supplies
  • Cash flow is constantly monitored

Thinking like a Landlord means we also keep an eye on management fees. So with our no hidden cost approach we strive to manage your building while improving your cash flow so that our fees pay for themselves. And then some!

Our clients have profited beyond their expectations with R.E.M. Residential’s diligent help.

Let us help you turn your property into the profit-maker today!