We Are Stronger Together

At R.E.M. we believe that “together we are stronger.” We have established a tried and true method which has worked wonders for our clients. Built on a mission to take property management to a whole new level of excellence, R.E.M. Residential is maximizing property values  and has produced ripple effects in the neighborhoods.

By periodically inviting our clients to our office meetings, we enable them to compare buildings and budgets, get better rates on insurance policies and supplies from our vendors and pool resources by sharing expenses like using the same legal representatives. When issues arise, we forward all relevant information to our clients and cc them collectively, facilitating communication and brainstorming.

Getting Landlords together is conducive to the R.E.M. transparency model in that it provides an open forum for exchanging ideas and even doing business deals within our close-knit network. We are in this together.



We take a similar approach when it comes to our superintendents. We invest in ongoing training and assistance with all of our staff. We have annual meetings with all of our superintendents. During that meeting, we walk through one of our buildings, and demonstrate what to look for and how to think like a building owner. We bring in systems experts (like boiler, elevator, and other), and train and give tips and pointers on maintenance, management and troubleshooting techniques. All staff have detailed written job descriptions and procedures, and we collaborate for maximum efficiency. If a superintendent is not able to do a plumbing job, for example, or if there is an emergency, we check with superintendents at our other buildings to see if they can do it before we hire it out at an additional expense.

One building can make or break an entire block when a building draws free-market tenants willing to pay top dollar – especially in an up and coming neighborhood. It tends to have a ripple effect on neighboring buildings.  Our portfolio with Rockledge Properties has been a driving force in revitalizing Sugar Hill and Hamilton Heights in Harlem. This ends up helping other landlords by increasing demand for apartment in the area and drawing more interest in commercial prospects.


We develop such close ties with our tenants that when some of them have to relocate, they choose to stay in R.E.M. Residential managed properties. It works for them because they know that they will move into a well-run building. It works for our clients because there is minimal downtime, and the leasing and application process is seamless.  Of course, all of the paperwork is submitted to our clients for review and approval.

R.E.M.’s commitment to being transparent has created unexpected and groundbreaking results in the property management industry

We are much stronger when we work together. Join us, and let R.E.M. empower you and bolster your property!