Stop! Don’t Sell!

Thinking about selling your property? Give R.E.M. Residential a chance first! Don’t lose your valuable investment because of a momentary lapse. We will turn your property into a solid headache-free return on investment. Think yours is beyond help? We took over a building in Inwood with over 600 violations and not only transformed the building, we transformed the entire neighborhood. The property is extremely financially successful today.

Think that is a one-off? We took over a 20 unit property with almost 200 violations and on our first day we were presented with an HPD order stating that we were placed on the AEP (Alternative Enforcement Program). That means that we had to cure all the violations within 4 months or face huge fines due to the prior mismanagement of the property. We worked closely with the residents and were able to resolve every violation and now the building is running smoothly, with both residents and landlord happy.

It’s not how much money you spend on improvements but the time and devotion spent. We know how to deal with residents and work with them so they don’t call the city before calling us. We hire great staff that are effective and approachable. We address tenant issues promptly. We are meticulous with our paperwork. Our approach has been proven time and again. Quite simply, our strategies work. 

While organizations such as CHIP and RSA represent Landlords and do an outstanding job at it, the responsibility to help a Landlord falls on management. By continually inventing and proposing ideas to help our clients towards a common goal, R.E.M. Residential eliminates the struggles many Landlords are now facing.

Ask our clients. Check our success stories! Giving R.E.M. Residential a chance is a win-win proposition because after we have worked out magic, you will either hold for a lifetime or sell at the greatly increased value we have achieved.

“R.E.M. Residential was awarded “Property Management Company of the Year” by NYBMA in 2019, the “Pioneer Award” by SiteCompli in 2017, awarded NYARM’s “Property Management Company of the Year” award in 2016. We consistently forge a path to ensure your success.”

We Think Like Landlords

A t R.E.M. Residential we are dedicated to managing rental properties for owners and investors. Entrusting your investment portfolio or building to a property management firm is undoubtedly an important and nerve wracking decision. Look no further! R.E.M. is the industry leader, working tirelessly to reduce costs and increase income to generate profit you expect and deserve.

Thinking like a Landlord means we scrutinize every invoice, not blindly paying out. Thinking like a Landlord means we give Landlords notifications of violations and complaints to the city by residents. Thinking like a Landlord it means we act like partners and hide nothing.

Managing from a Landlord’s viewpoint means not spending money foolishly. It means not calling in outside contractors when the building staff can handle the work. It means we research the problem before calling a plumber or a roofer. It also means we don’t allow units to sit vacant. We minimize downtime. Managing like a Landlord means we work on tenant retention because vacancies are expensive. It means we do not allow arrears to mount or tenants to withhold rent because of repairs.
Thinking like a Landlord means we also keep an eye on management fees. So with our no hidden cost approach we strive to manage your building while improving your cash flow so that our fees pay for themselves. And then some!

Just a small sample of what we do is:

Our clients have profited beyond their expectations with R.E.M. Residential’s diligent help.

Let us help you turn your property into the profit-maker today!

The Disadvantage of Self Managed Properties

Are you managing your own properties? Are you getting tangled in all the new rules? Does advice from family, friends and casual legal advisers backfire? Do you have complaints and violations that you feel are unfair or unexpected?

If you are managing your own properties – because of the large volume of work to be done and new laws to keep track of – chances are there is room for improvement. It doesn’t just take you – it takes a team! If a self managing Landlord or a management company is not absolutely adept in the rent regulation laws it could result in ruinous costs and repercussions. Owners of small or family owned properties can find themselves embroiled in the onslaught of new legislation such as rent stabilization riders, new FDNY rules, and a whole host of new rules and regulations. 

If a self managing Landlord or a management company is not absolutely adept in the rent regulation laws it could result in ruinous costs and repercussions. One violation alone can cost more than several months of management fees.

At R.E.M. we never stop searching for ways to cut costs We prepare detailed accurate budgets for our clients and monitor them closely. Many expenses are fixed but for anything we can control, we are diligent and aggressive in doing so. There are many ways to improve the efficiency of the heating system, yet most Landlords aren’t aware how to take advantage of these small corrections. We put in the time and effort at no expense to the Landlord unless repairs or necessary upgrades are required to be done.

When you choose R.E.M. Residential to manage your property, the transition will be smooth and trouble free. Over the years we have developed a thorough transition checklist, ensuring that we secure all necessary documents and prepare complete and accurate files. The process is very quick, easy and truly painless.

We Are Stronger Together

At R.E.M. we believe that “together we are stronger.” We have established a tried and true method which has worked wonders for our clients. Built on a mission to take property management to a whole new level of excellence, R.E.M. Residential is maximizing property values and has produced ripple effects in the neighborhoods.

By conducting comparables, we are able to get better rates on insurance policies, supplies from our vendors and pool resources by sharing expenses like using the same legal representatives. When issues arise, we forward all relevant information to our clients and cc them collectively, facilitating communication and brainstorming.

We take a similar approach when it comes to our superintendents. We invest in ongoing training and assistance with all of our staff. We have annual meetings with all of our superintendents. During that meeting, we walk through one of our buildings, and demonstrate what to look for and how to think like a building owner. We bring in systems experts (like boiler, elevator, and other), and train and give tips and pointers on maintenance, management and troubleshooting techniques. All staff have detailed written job descriptions and procedures, and we collaborate for maximum efficiency. If a superintendent is not able to do a plumbing job, for example, or if there is an emergency, we check with superintendents at our other buildings to see if they can do it before we hire it out at an additional expense.
We develop such close ties with our tenants that when some of them have to relocate, they choose to stay in R.E.M. Residential managed properties. It works for them because they know that they will move into a well-run building. It works for our clients because there is minimal downtime, and the leasing and application process is seamless. Of course, all of the paperwork is submitted to our clients for review and approval.

We are much stronger when we work together. Join us, and let R.E.M. empower you and bolster your property!