Anton Cirulli

Anton C. Cirulli

Director of Operations

Anton Cirulli’s background spans almost three decades of finance and residential management experience.  He joined Lawrence Properties in 1996 and was the Director of Operations for ten years before being promoted to Managing Director.


His knowledge of the practical, financial, mechanical and structural aspects of a building makes him invaluable, especially when capital improvements are necessary. It is reassuring to know that if your building is facing expensive work, like roof, elevator or air conditioner replacements, you will have someone who knows exactly how to proceed by targeting the problem accurately and keeping costs prudent.


Mr. Cirulli personifies authority and leadership. He served in the United States Army as a Colonel in Army Intelligence on active duty for 4 years and with the reserves for 24. His military experience has been instrumental in his handling the running of a Manhattan co-op. Be it the day-to-day duties, or in moments of stress, he handles all situations well. You’ve only to look at his office and his desk to witness how organized and efficient he is. He is well liked by everyone he deals with – whether it’s his staff, building employees, or board members.  Everyone he works with appreciates his skilled leadership.


Mr. Cirulli has an MBA in Accounting from New York University and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Manhattan College.


Mr. Cirulli is steadfast to his duties, human in his handling of people and takes pride in being effective. He believes that preparedness, accountability and responsiveness are the core of this job. He is a man of character and a consummate professional.