Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your buildings located?

The majority of the properties that we manage are buildings concentrated in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Westchester.

How are you different from other management companies?

R.E.M. Residential strives to set ourselves apart from the market standards. On every level – our service, knowledge, expertise and organization are unsurpassed. Our staff are seasoned and skilled in dealing with people. We are forward thinking and the differences between us and the rest of the pack are too numerous to list. We are truly transparent, have a walk-in open door policy with clients and tenants alike, and routinely increase ROI and the standard of living in every building we manage. R.E.M. is an industry leader and has achieved a “trailblazer of the industry” award. Our system is unique and it works. For more on why we are different click here

Do you manage condos and co-ops?

Due to high demand, we have increased our capacity for condo and co-op management. R.E.M. Residential has a unique viewpoint. We use our knowledge and experience gained from managing rental buildings – where the focus is cost cutting and increase in quality of life -to breathe new life into the co-ops and condos we manage.

How do you deal with problem tenants?

At R.E.M. Residential we have noticed that most “problem tenants” are a problem because they have been treated poorly, misunderstood or ignored. We put significant time, energy and effort into keeping all of our residents happy so we reduce expenses including legal fees and lost rent.

Do you oversee construction?

We have overseen every type of renovation and construction including roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, staircases, sidewalks, facades, parapets, boilers, to name but a few. When permits are required we work closely with architects and engineers. Of course our Managers frequently visit our properties and keep a close eye on the status of the building.

What size buildings do you manage?

Our buildings range in size from 10 units to over 500. Our management policy and method is consistent regardless of the size of your property. Whether your property is large or small, the service you receive will be impeccable.

How many properties does each agent manage?

There is no specific number answer to that question. The number of properties than an agent can manage is dependent on the size of the building, the state it is in, and many other factors. R.E.M. Residential has a sophisticated system in place to ensure that every single one of our managers can manage their workload efficiently while having sufficient time to devote to each building.

How often do your agents visit the buildings?

R.E.M. Residential has a very hands-on policy so our managers visit the building on average once a week and sometimes more often than that. Yes, they really do! Our Managers also do top to bottom building inspections monthly and provide the Landlords with a detailed report.

Do you have a leasing department?

We are in the business of management first and foremost. But we do have a comprehensive rental division that provides market research, lists the units and notifies influential brokers so your listing gets maximum exposure. We screen applicants in-house and qualify them before presenting to you. We offer this free as a value added service. Of course, should you wish to use your own broker we work closely with them as well.

What is the transition process?

The process is quick and painless. We have a detailed checklist that can be completed within a couple of days and we do all the hard work for you. We work well with other management companies so there is never an issue with turning over documents.

Do you have experience in dealing with rent controlled and stabilized residents?

Much of what we do is managing stabilized buildings. Our staff regularly receive continuing education in the newest laws and regulations. We are experts in the complex regulations and are meticulous in our approach so you never have to worry about overcharges or erroneous leases.

Do you provide budgets for your buildings?

Yes we do. R.E.M. Residential makes every effort to be as accurate as possible. Our budgets have proven to be a valuable tool for our owners especially since we input our data immaculately and correctly.

Do you manage retail?

Many of our buildings have retail in them. We are diligent in ensuring that tax escalations and water charges are billed and collected promptly. Our fees for retail are naturally lower than for residential.

How do you approve and pay invoices?

We have checks and balances in place whereby one person carefully enters invoices, the property manager and superintendent review and approve, then our back office cuts the checks. No invoice gets paid without the property manager approving it. Any large invoices are always approved by the Landlord prior to paying. R.E.M. Residential scrutinizes all invoices to ensure that we are not being overcharged and are receiving the most competitive costs for the invoiced items or service.

Do you do the rent registrations for your properties?

Of course. And we do them perfectly and flawlessly. We know that errors can be very costly and lead to other problems, so our work is meticulous and faultless.

How do you handle compliance?

We have a compliance department that works with SiteCompli and the property managers to ensure that we do not receive violations. In the unlikely event that we do, they are addressed promptly.We constantly monitor activity and our landlords get the same notifications so it keeps us on our toes at all times.

What do your clients like most about R.E.M.?

Managing investments for dozens of Landlords and Boards is not an easy task but extremely rewarding. Our clients love that their properties increase in value and their rent rolls are better. Our clients prove they are happy with us by staying with us year after year. They enjoy being part of the R.E.M. family. Ask us for references! We’ll be glad to provide them – our clients do a better job of selling us than we can hope to.

What software do you use?
We use Appfolio, which is considered the best in the business. Our reports are customizable and always presented to ownership by the 10th of the month. We pride ourselves on a solid back office.